We are a company that takes pride in everything we do. We value our clients so much. We want you to have a trouble free life with our help. We offer different solutions to different problems. There is no too small or too big projects for us. You will all get the same attention that is rightfully due for you. We can handle any type of electrical jobs, but for those who are in need of a general electric service for residential community, here’s what we can offer. You must read on to find out.

Residential homes need new plugs, minor repairs, switches and even an entire electrical revamp. We offer a professional service to be of help to your daily electrical needs at home. Our electricians are professionals in their field of expertise. They never stopped learning and their years of experience makes the best in their profession. Everyone just needs an electrician at one point in their lives. But when you look for one for a specific project you need to find the right person for the job.

Our residential department has been handling a lot from small to big projects. They have been taking care of the lights, switches, ceiling fan installations and even adding outlets. From there, they are now handling rewiring, panel services, remodeling, planning and others. That is from the day that we started in the industry to this day. There is no job that is too small or too big for us. We have promised to provide satisfaction to our customers and we want to keep up with our goal.

Basement Rewiring

We provide affordable electrical services for basement rewiring.

Lighting Installation

We can handle light fittings, installation, repair and replacement.

Kitchen Wiring

We will also take care of your kitchen remodeling and home rewiring.


We provide electrical services and solutions to remodeling and renovations services.

We have stabilized a good relationship with our clients in the past. That means we have made them satisfied with our performance. They call us often saying that they want us to handle a new project they have at home. They were satisfied and happy with the outcome of the project in that case. We take pride in making our clients happy. Making them happy makes us feel happy and fulfilled at the same time. The truth is that we give a bunch of electrical services that will make our clients happy and will make them come back again and again.

High Quality Services

We Offer New service panel. This is what needs to be improved if you want to make your home conform to modern living. You also need to expand the electrical service with the new service panel that can handle the load you have at home in a safe manner.

Remodeling electric service

This must be done wen you add a room ta home or you want to remodel the basement. There is nothing to worry about, we will be there to help you and show you how we will wire it and make the receptacles safe to handle. That way you can load any appliances that you wish to use.​

We can help you install a wine cellar too. The new wine fridge today will be ready for that entertainment room that you wanted.

How about a hot tub installation? A hot tub installation is just easy to do. The wiring that it requires and the accessories are easy to install. It will be handled by our electrician.