about Us

Why choose us over the other companies that are also offering the same service? We have been in the business for sometime now. Even if we are not as old as the other firms, we know what we want and we are dedicated to reach our goals. One of which is to make our clients happy and satisfied with our service. That is what we always strive to do. We have been offering a comprehensive residential, commercial and industrial services. We have been handling installations, repair and replacement depending on the client’s needs. We provide prompt replies and we train our staffs to be honest and courteous all the time. Sunset Electrical Service want to get the job done right all the time. We believe in first impressions last.

Why us?

It is simple to say that we are manned with friendly and courteous technicians. We respect your home, family and privacy. We give adequate attention to even the smallest details to make sure that the quality will go beyond your expectations. More than the quality, we also want to make sure that our electricians are safe and those in the household too while the work is in progress. Regardless, what the electrical contractor services you may need, we have the power to make things possible and better for you. Sunset Electrical Service want to improve your life, we are confident that we can make that happen.

Maintenance Services

We also provide maintenance service at reliable price.

Installation services

We provide installation of any type of electrical equipment.

We have a service philosophy to follow. It is one of the biggest and the fastest growing type of service that we can offer. We are one of the best in the business and we want to keep it that way. Everyday, we serve the electrical service and even repair needs of the residential and commercial and the customers will surely benefit from it. Our company have been delivering a good type of service and we do that in an independent manner. We live up to our name and professionalism is what we practice. Our polite and professional electricians are dedicated in their job. They will do anything in their power to be of help to you in anything that you may need.